Since all of these Cape Cod attractions are near the tip of Cape Cod,  everything is located within easy reach from North of Highland Camping Area.


North of Highland Camping Area is perfectly situated near the tip of Cape Cod, surrounded by the Cape Cod National Seashore in the peaceful beach setting of North Truro, Massachusetts.   Truro’s nearby Cape Cod beaches are some of the finest found anywhere on the East Coast, making them some of the most popular Cape Cod attractions.  Spending a relaxing day along the endless pristine shoreline either sunning on the sand or paying in the ocean waves is all the more enjoyable because of the quiet and scenic beauty of the undisturbed dunes, beach grasses and pine trees throughout this natural setting that makes North Truro camping so special.  Yet amidst all this natural wonder we are still only a few minutes away (just nine miles by car or bicycle) from the bustling shops, and myriad of restaurants, bars and art galleries of both Provincetown and Wellfleet.  You get the best of both worlds – staying close to Provincetown camping in the peace and quiet of North Truro, all within convenient walking distance of some of best beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  There is no better location…

Walk to Nearby Head of the Meadow Beach

Perfect for swimming and surfing near the sandbars, or simply relaxing in the sun, Head of the Meadow Beach is one of the Cape Cod attractions you will definitely not want to miss.  The beach is only a short 1/2 mile walk down the National Park’s beach path from North of Highland Camping Area.  Since we are nestled in the pine trees along the narrow “wrist” of Cape Cod you are still only a couple of miles away from Truro’s famous bayside beaches too, so you will have no shortage of things to do on Cape Cod camping at North of Highland.

Ride or Walk Along the Scenic Head of the Meadow Bike Trail

This paved bike trail through the Cape Cod National Seashore Park has scenic views of the beach dunes, and is only a half mile from North of Highland Camping Area.  The two mile trail winds from Head of the Meadow Beach over to High Head Beach.  Along the way you will see the beautiful Cape Cod landscape including Salt Meadow pond and a variety of wild flowers, and other indigenous plants.  You will also pass by the short Pilgrim Spring hiking trail, which leads to the historic spring that provided the early pilgrims with their first fresh water on Cape Cod.  So bring your sense of adventure and your bicycle along with you for even more “Cape Cod things to do”.

Close to Everything…

Convienently Experience All of the Things to Do in Cape Cod’s Most Historically Quaint Towns of Truro, Wellfleet and Provincetown Camping at Nearby North of Highland:


photo of a lobster dinner served at Provincetown restaraunts


Choose from a wide selection of Cape Cod restaurants and dining options, ranging from fine dining to casual fare and of course seafood!

You won’t typically find large chain restaurants anywhere on the Outer Cape.  Instead here you’ll find a diverse array of restaurants, cafes, diners, local bar and grills serving fresh seafood, and plenty of other options from Italian to Portuguese cuisine as well as American standards.  There are local bakeries and ice cream shops as well.  On Cape Cod our idea of fast food is fried seafood (clams, oysters, shrimp or flounder), cheese burgers, rolled sandwich and everything in between.

photo fresh seafood, one of the most delicious of the Cape Cod attractions are oysters on the half shell
photo of the shopping on Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA


Unique local shops offer an amazing variety.  Commercial Street in Provincetown for example has specialty shops and fashions ranging from trendy boutiques to antiques and beachwear; there are jewelery stores and leather shops, game stores and military surplus, stores with kites and stores renting bikes.

There are book stores and home furnishings, kitchy adult themed stores and urban fashions, surf shops, and an array of beach inspired souvenirs and shells.  Each town has local package stores with a wide selection of wines, alcohol and beer as well as bakeries, fresh fruits and produce markets, and of course our fresh seafood markets.  Provincetown also has a large Stop & Shop grocery store and both Truro and Wellfleet have smaller local groceries and convenience stores.

You’ll find it all nearby, and for your added convenience, during our busy season North of Highland Camping Area has an onsite camp store carrying a variety of camping staples and groceries such as milk, bread, ice, drinks, candy and snacks, plus camping equipment, books and other activities.


photo of people shopping in Provincetown on Commercial Street with restaraunts, bars and stores


If ART is your passion, you can spend days perusing the wide variety of art galleries in the area showcasing varied works from many talented local artists.  You’ll find galleries with paintings and mixed media, but also photography, and clay, glass, and metalwork.  Many items are inspired by the natural Cape Cod landscape, while others are bold cutting edge inspirations.  The art galleries of Provincetown and Wellfleet are well known Cape Cod attractions for the artistic minded.  When it comes to art, there is something here for everyone.


photo of the Penny Patch one of the local novelty shops in Provincetown, MA


Explore Cape Cod…

Get Active…

Cape Cod attractions: photo of a whale breaching taken from a Cape Cod whale watching tour out of Provincetown, one of the most popular Cape Cod attractions

Whale Watching

photo Highland Light showing Cape Cod's oldest active lighthouse in North Truro, MA

Highland Light

photo of the wine barrels storing wines at North Truro's Truro Vineyards on Cape Cod

Visit Truro Vineyards

photo of a seal on one of the Cape Cod beaches in North Truro

See the local wildlife

photo showing inside the Cape Cod museum at Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown

Museums: Explore the Rich History of Cape Cod

image of deep sea fishing boat in Provincetown harbor on Cape Cod

Go Deep Sea Fishing or Rent a Charter Boat

Cape Cod Attractions: photo of Pilgrim Monument rising high above Provincetown's shopping

Climb Pilgrim Monument

photo of golfing on Cape Cod at Highland Links in North Truro, MA showing Highland Light in the background of one of the holes combining both of these Cape Cod attractions in one photo

Golf Historic Highland Links Golf Course

photo of a young boy carrying his boogie board from the beach near North of Highland Camping Area

Surf the Waves Along the Shore and Sandbars

photo of the rock jettie in Provincetown, MA

Walk the Barrier Jettie

photo of Cape Cod kayak and boat rentals in Provincetown

Rent Boats, Kayaks or Surfboards

photo of one of the live performances on Cape Cod of a street performer along Commercial Street in Provincetown

Live Music & Variety of Performances

Cape Cod Attractions: photo of Smalls Swamp Trail one of the Cape Cod trails in Truro, MA

Biking and Walking Trails

More Details About Some of These Cape Cod Attractions:

The Cape Cod National Seashore: This is one of the absolute must see Cape Cod attractions extending for 40 miles along the Cape Cod coastline through the towns of Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, North Truro, and Provincetown.  The park features pristine Cape Cod beaches as well as low land marshes, kettle ponds, cranberry bogs and rolling uplands.  Although there are no campgrounds in the Cape Cod National Seashore camping is available in North Truro at North of Highland Camping Area which is a private campground that is completely surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore park near Head of the Meadow Beach.  North of Highland campground on Cape Cod first opened in 1954 a few years before the Cape Cod National Seashore was first established in 1961, so the park has been protecting the land all around the Cape Cod campground for over 50 years and counting.  The National Park has two educational Visitor’s Centers, the Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham and the Provincelands Visitor Center on Race Point Road in Provincetown offering a number of Ranger guided Cape Cod activities and tours, as well as educational videos and talks.

Pilgrim Monument: Climb the tallest all granite structure in the United States, up 116 steps and 60 ramps to reach the top of the 252 foot tower with dramatic views overlooking downtown Provincetown and it’s harbor.  The 360 degree views make the five to ten minute climb well worth the effort, as one of the most popular Cape Cod attractions.

Whale Watching: One of the most memorable things to do on Cape Cod is to see the whales swimming up close.  Although the whale watching boats cannot promise that you will see whales on every trip, most whale watching excursions  have several sightings, and frequently the views are stunning with whales breaching very close to the ships, making whale watching one of the unforgettable Cape Cod attractions for kids and adults alike.  The tours generally take between 3 and 4 hours, with much of that time spent motoring toward the whale grounds and then returning to port.  Added bonuses are seeing the very tip of Cape Cod and Provincetown harbor from the water out in the bay.

Jettie Barrier:  Walk out along the Provincetown jettie barrier to the very end of Cape Cod.  Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for some challenging footing as you navigate across the large and sometimes uneven barrier rocks.  You’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the tidal inlet and will probably find a number of muscles, snails and starfish along the water’s edge along and between the rocks.

Highland Light: Cape Cod’s oldest and most historic light house was built in 1767 to protect ships from the dangers of the shifting sandbars off the Truro beaches.   You may tour the lighthouse and climb the 69 steps to reach the top platform, rewarding you with a full 360 degree view of Cape Cod.  The lighthouse which was essential in protecting tens of thousands ships from Truro’s beaches and sandbars over the years was moved 450 further from the eroding cliff edge in 1996 during an 18 day lifting and moving process.  Even though the lighthouse is no longer dangerously close to the edge of the ocean cliffs, Highland light is still one of the more impressive Cape Cod attractions to see in Truro.

Truro’s Center for the Arts at Castle Hill:  Truro with its incredible lighting and natural landscape has long been an inspiration to artists, including the world renown artist Edward Hopper, who had a summer home in Truro.  You can join in Truro’s artistic community with Castle Hill’s art exhibits, lectures, and instructional workshops in painting, mixed media, clay, print making, sculpture, jewelry, photography and writing.

Truro’s Payomet Performing Arts Center and Theater provides a venue for professionally staged performances, attracting nationally recognized talent and Grammy-winning music artists on a local stage as well as circus arts for children.  There are also a number of live music and comedic performances occurring regularly in a variety of Wellfleet and Provincetown bars and dance clubs.

Shipwrecks and Pirate’s Treasure:  See and learn about the real life treasures and artifacts recovered from the Wydah pirate shipwreck on display at the Wydah Museum on the end of MacMillan Warf in Provincetown or you can explore shipwreck remains on your own at low tide by spotting the remnants of vessels that have been captured in the shifting sandbars along  some of Truro’s oceanside beaches including the 1872 shipwreck of the Frances along the Head of the Meadow Beach sandbar.

Golfing at Highland Links: Play a memorable round of golf on Cape Cod’s oldest golf course, founded in 1892.  This true 9 hole links golf course in the Scottish tradition has open, unirrigated fairways.  The breeze off the ocean often adds an element of difficulty, especially along the bluffs that dramatically overlook the Atlantic Ocean.  The Highland Lighthouse offers a picturesque backdrop to hole #7, while the closing hole #9 with its tricky two-tiered putting green runs along side of the historic Highland House which now serves as the Truro lighthouse museum.

  • More Cape Cod Trails: Aside from the Head of the Meadow Bike Path, there are a number of excellent Bicycle and walking trails in the area.  The 5.25 mile Provincelands Trail in Provincetown loops through the Cape Cod National Seashore with outstanding views of the coastal dunes and shoreline, as well as cranberry bogs, marshes, and salt water kettle ponds.  Portions of the trail are hilly, so it may be difficult for some riders.   Another great bike trail is the 25 mile Cape Cod Rail Trail that runs along the old train route from Wellfleet to South Dennis.

Explore Picturesque Cape Cod Beaches and Coastal Scenery

sailboats in the harbor on Cape Cod
photo of Long Point Lighthouse on the very tip of Cape Cod
photo of weathered boats anchored along the bayside beach in Provincetown, MA
photo taken from the beginning of the Provincetown breakwater barrier jettie, showing the tidal inlet that flows alongside the jettie
photo of a sunset over the beaches of Cape Cod truly one of the finest Cape Cod attractions
photo of waves breaking along the sandbars in North Truro, MA on Cape Cod with dunes in the background
Cape Cod attractions like this photo of the Head of the Meadow sandbar at low tide with sunbathers, swimmers and beach umbrellas are what bring visitors back to Cape Cod each year
photo of Cape Cod beach houses perched along the bluffs near Corn Hill Beach in North Truro


And See Cape Cod’s Active Harbors


photo of the fast ferry boat leaving Provincetown on its way to Boston

Ride the Fast Ferry to or from Boston

photo of sailboat in the Cape Cod harbor with barrier wall in background

Watch the Sailboats

Coastguard pier in Provincetown with artowrk depicting some of the older women of Provincetown

Provincetown Pier

photo of Cape Cod fishing boats along MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown

Local Fishing Boats

logo of North of Highland Camping Area - Near the tip of Cape Cod

Come Camping on Cape Cod

And Stay in the Center of it All

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