Come camping under our famous Cape Cod pines…

photo showing Cape Cod camping in tents at North of Highland


Why North of Highland Camping Area Is the Ideal Location for Your Next Cape Cod Camping Vacation…

North of Highland has been proudly owned and operated by the Currier Family for three generations since 1954.  We are committed to providing you with a friendly, clean and relaxing environment throughout your entire camping vacation.  Stay with us and experience some of Cape Cod’s best tent camping.

photo of Cape Cod camping showing a hawk sitting in the pine trees above one of the Cape Cod camping sites

Nestled Among the Pine Trees

North of Highland Camping Area is completely surrounded by the Cape Cod National Seashore on 59 acres of pine forest.  North of Highland specializes in tent camping and accommodating smaller tent trailers in a peaceful, quiet setting that is ideal for families and vacationers looking to relax and enjoy camping near beaches and other local attractions.

The best way to fully experience Cape Cod camping is to go camping near the BEACH!  We are just a short 1/2 mile walk through the Cape Cod National Seashore to beautiful Head of the Meadow Beach, one of the very finest Cape Cod beaches.

Aerial photo taken over North of Highland Camping Area showing how wooded this Cape Cod camping area is. Also shows Provincetown and the tip of Cape Cod curving in the backround.

Convenient Location on Cape Cod

Near the tip of Cape Cod camping in North Truro, MA is convenient.  North of Highland is situated less than 10 miles from both bustling Provincetown and artistic Wellfleet, so it is close to unique shopping, local art galleries and a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars yet is even closer still to Truro’s spectacular ocean and bayside beaches, bike paths and nature trails.  Our campground is ideally located in the heart of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park, surrounded by nature.

You deserve to relax and truly enjoy your next vacation!

So come camping with us at North of Highland Camping Area


What Sets North of Highland Apart from Other Cape Cod Camping Areas?

If you enjoy the outdoors, beaches and camping Cape Cod is an excellent vacation destination for you and your family to consider.  Once you have decided to come camping on Cape Cod you will find that there are a number of fine Cape Cod campgrounds to choose from including our own.

There are a number of differences between many of these campgrounds, so we will attempt to help differentiate what we feel helps set North of Highland apart from the others. Although none of the Cape Cod camping locations is perfect at everything, we feel that North of Highland Camping Area provides the best overall combination of features that we would most like to find wherever we stay.  Hopefully you will agree, but ultimately whether North of Highland is the best fit for you will depend a lot on what you are looking for in your vacation destination.  So with this in mind, here are a few of the campground features and factors that we hope you will consider important…

The Natural Beauty of the Campground: We work hard to keep our campground clean, natural and beautiful.  Our staff actively picks up our campground each and every day, and our cleaning crews work hard to try to keep our restrooms, showers, laundry and our recreation facilities clean and tidy so they are ready for you throughout the day and evenings.  Again please know we are not always perfect in this regard, but be confident that we are always giving our best effort to serve you.

Of course it also helps that our campground and our 237 campsites are spread across nearly 60 acres of Cape Cod pine forest and that the Cape Cod National Seashore Park is completely surrounding our property.  Additionally most of our campsites and roads are designed to accommodate tents or small tent trailers, not large RVs.  The result is our distinctive North of Highland look and the natural beauty that is certainly part of our charm.

photo of some of the Cape Cod campsites at North of Higland Camping Area
photo of small kids and father laughing while camping on Cape Cod
photo of North of Highland Camping Area showing how beautiful the Cape Cod campground is with pine trees and a walking path

Convenient Location: We are located within just a short 1/2 mile walk from amazing Head of the Meadow Beach and from Head of the Meadow Bike Trail and only a couple of minutes by car from several attractive bayside beaches too.  Meanwhile we are still only about 10 minutes by car from neighboring Cape towns of Provincetown and Wellfleet.  So unique shops and a great variety of dining options and art galleries and other sights are all very close by.

photo of the Cape Cod National Seashore Beach path leading from North of Highland Camping Area to Head of the Meadow Beach
Image of a camper relaxing in his hammock while Cape Cod camping at North of Highland Camping Area
photo of young girl and her bike resting against the pine trees in her Cape Cod campsites at North of Highland Camping Area

Quiet & Peaceful Environment:  We take pride in providing a relaxing camping environment for all of our guests.  Until you have stayed with us, or somewhere else, this feature might be a bit tougher to evaluate.  However there are a few things that we do differently than most, that we believe  creates a more relaxing and peaceful vacation for our guests. We more strictly enforce our campground evening Quiet Hours from 10:30 PM to 7:30 AM than some of the other campgrounds on the Cape and we also ask that radios or televisions be kept at reasonable levels during the daytime as well, so that you are undisturbed by your neighbors.  What does this mean for you?  Well if you are a large group of young adults looking to party on Cape Cod for the weekend, then North of Highland is definitely not going to be the best place for you.  Instead, if you are coming to Cape Cod to enjoy the beaches and want to be able to sleep peacefully at night while camping under Cape Cod’s amazing display of stars, then you should really come check us out.

With your rest and relaxation in mind, we also do NOT ALLOW our guests to have pets or motor cycles in the campground, or to run portable generators.  It is not that we don’t like animals or bikers, but instead we want our guests to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Cape Cod without hearing dogs barking all day or night.  If you have ever camped next to someone who has left their dog tied up at their campsite while they went to the beach for the day, you will totally understand.  If you do have pets, we hope a great friend at home will offer to carefully look after them for the week, so that you can come join us, treating yourself to a little extra rest and relaxation.  If, however, dogs or motorcycles are simply necessities to bring with you on your vacation, and if you don’t mind having your camping neighbors bringing theirs too, then we would suggest you might consider Nickerson State Park or Adventure Bound, or one of the other Cape Cod camping areas that allow them.


photo of three kids having fun in a hammock while camping on Cape Cod
Sign in the pine trees pointing the entrance location for the Cape Cod campgrounds at North of Highland Camping Area with Head of the Meadow Road in the background
photo of family sitting arounud a campsite picnic table

With our popular playground, our large recreation center with ping-pong and pool tables, and our walking path to the beach, North of Highland is the ideal camping destination for families with kids as well as adults just looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod. We are proud that many of our camping guests are long-term customers who come back and stay with us each and every year; and we consider many of you to be our friends.  If you have not stayed with us yet, then we look forward to meeting you and hope you’ll soon join our list of satisfied clients.

We hope that after considering which features are most important to you in choosing between Cape Cod campgrounds, that you will decide to come stay with us at North of Highland Camping Area.

photo showing what it is like to be camping Cape Cod's North of Highland Camping Area
Photo of the Cape Cod camping office for North of Highland Camping Area's where campers check-in for their campsites
photo of some of the family that operate the Cape Cod camping facility North of Highland as they a are walking back from the beach
North of Highland Camping Area logo for Cape Cod camping